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“Of the well over 100 shows I have directed or produced, nothing will ever come close to bringing Survivors to schools and community groups and knowing you have helped a young person understand the mantra of Never Again…Never is Now.”
Ralph Meranto, CenterStage Theatre Producing Artistic Director

As Holocaust knowledge drops, JCC looks to educate younger generations

Brighton, N.Y. (13WHAM) – As holocaust survivors age, some fear their stories will be forgotten. A recent survey found many Americans, particularly younger Americans, aren’t aware of many facts about the holocaust. Read more…

“Survivors” remembers Holocaust

Rochester, N.Y. (RochesterFirst) –  The vision for “Survivors” is to go beyond the stage and help students learn about the horrifying reality of the Holocaust, so that it is never forgotten or repeated. Read more…

Play at JCC weaves together 10 Holocaust survivor stories from Rochester area

Rochester, N.Y. (Democrat & Chronicle) – Everyone involved feels an urgency in the stories they’re telling. “We’re not just telling history,” Kout says. “We’re telling history as a cautionary tale for the present and the future.” Read more…

Theatre Ariel Holocaust Play Tours Area Public Schools

Philadelphia, P.A. (Jewish Exponent) – Theatre Ariel Associate Artistic Director Jesse Bernstein, who directed the play, considered his young audience — and the logistical obstacles of making a set for a touring play — when making choices of how to present the play. Read more…

Inspired by ‘Hamilton, ’ diverse docudrama based on survivor testimony is touring US

(The Times of Israel) In under an hour, ‘Survivors’ touches on Nazi racial laws, Kristallnacht, and the Kindertransport rescue. ‘The survivors in the play are warning us,’ says playwright Wendy Kout. Read more…

A new play touring Philly schools is helping to keep Holocaust survivor stories alive
‘SURVIVORS’ fuses with on-stage diversity (Jerusalem Post)

A play that is currently being staged in schools and theaters throughout the US provides an innovative and inclusive approach to teaching the Holocaust

SURVIVORS teaches about the Shoah through the various testimonies of 10 survivors. According to playwright and co-producer Wendy Kout, what differentiates this play from others on the subject is the diverse cast that consists of and reaches out to non-Jewish ethnic groups.

Read more…

Needed now more than ever: ‘Survivors,’ with its diverse cast, teaches the Holocaust to teens

Play’s co-producer says Oct. 7 attacks gave the show, which has been running for six years, a renewed sense of purpose.

Actor Almanya Narula is Sikh and identifies as culturally Indian; she was raised in Bangkok and Mumbai, a product of displacement and in a family of refugees seeking sanctuary during the partition between Pakistan and India. In Mumbai, a millennia-old symbol for protection and peace was a big part of her childhood — only as a teenager did she discover that the interlocking lines of the swastika were not so benign, she told the audience after a September performance of the play “Survivors” at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. 

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Survivors at Six Points Theater –Cherry and Spoon

Just in time for Holocaust Remembrance Day, Six Points Theater is presenting the play Survivors, which tells the stories of ten Holocaust survivors. 79 years ago today the concentration camp Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviet army. In the course of human history, or even American history, that’s not that long ago, and unfortunately it did not mark the end of violence, discrimination, and hate against the Jewish people. It’s so important to keep telling these stories, to remember the horrors that Jews endured not so very long or far away, because as they say in the play, “Never Forget! Never Again! Never is Now!”

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